Eligible Funeral Arrangements

Eligible Funeral Arrangements

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The course Eligible Funeral Arrangements is relatively short, and focuses on the opportunity to pre-fund a funeral service, a cemetery service, or both. We cover the tax advantage to pre-funding these services and how clients may avoid paying taxes on interest income. For advisors, this course can be considered "another tool in the toolbox". It may be rarely used, but is essential when you need it. 

In order to complete this course, you will need to receive a mark of 2 out of 3 or higher on the final quiz. This course qualifies for the following continuing education (CE) credits:

AIC Life: 1.0 hour.

FP Canada: 1.5 hours (Financial Planning Category).

IAFE: 1.5 hours accredited by The Institute.

ICS: 1.0 hour. 

IIROC Cycle 9: PD Category, 0.75 hours.

MFDA: 1.5 hours - Professional Development.

*CPA: 1.0 hour (recommended in all provinces and territories).

*More information about continuing education requirements is available here