I’ve never taken a course with you before. How should I do this for the first time?

Welcome to Monkey Credits.

The first time you register, a username and profile will be created for you inside of our learning management system (LMS). Upon registration, you will receive an email with your credentials and a link that brings you into the LMS. You will be prompted to reset your password when logging in for the first time.

You will have access to your courses upon logging in. 

How long does it take to receive that email?

In almost all cases, it’s a matter of seconds. The only issue we’ve run into so far is when a person makes a spelling mistake in their email address. 

What about when I register for the second time?

You repeat the same process. Courses are purchased on our website and added to your LMS profile. Courses cannot be purchased from inside the LMS system.

I need a certificate of completion with my CIPR number included. Is this available?

Yes. Please visit our How-To Videos page which provides a step-by-step explanation of how to obtain the certificate.

Where can I find more information about the CE credits I need?

If you're already aware of which credits you need to complete, you can use the search tool on our Courses page.

If you need a brief summary of the CE requirements for those who hold designations in the financial industry, or for those who are licensed to provide investment or wealth management solutions, please visit our CE Requirements page.

If you’re unsure what credits you need, the first point of contact is your organizations' learning and development team. In almost all large firms, there is a team or designated person who is responsible for the tracking and reporting of CE credits.

For those who are still unsure, please use the Contact Us page and provide us with the designation(s) you hold, what product(s) you are licensed to sell (and which organization(s) have licensed you to do this), and the province you reside in. Please allow up to 2 business days (48 hours) for a response. 

What is the format of your courses?

All CE Courses are written and delivered online. We do not provide videos for CE courses. 

How long do I have to complete my courses once I register?

You have one year from the date of registration to complete all CE courses. 

What if I don't finish all my courses within the calendar year or accreditation cycle?

As our courses are available for a period of one year following registration, you have nothing to worry about. In addition, the large majority of our courses are renewed/reaccredited for the next cycle/year, so they can be completed at a later time. Should a course not be renewed/reaccredited for the next cycle/year, please contact us for a substitution.

Where can I find a list of your previously offered courses?

Please visit the Retired Courses page. 

Are your courses updated annually to ensure the numbers/amounts used are the most up-to-date?

Every course is reread and updated every January to ensure the amounts used (such as the marginal rates of tax and the YMPE) are current. Any major change would require us to seek re-approval/reaccreditation.

The only exception(s) is/are amounts which change during the year (such as OAS). There may be a slight lag in these amounts. Should this be the case, please use the Contact Us page and we will ensure to provide up-to-date information whenever possible. 

Do you write a new Professional Responsibility course each year, or do you change the name each year to make it current? Such as renaming the 2023 Professional Responsibility course to 2024?

We write a new course each year. In addition, we try to deal with a different topic from one year to the next. 

Regarding CPD hours for Chartered Professional Accountants, are the hours approved by any CPA governing body?

No. At the current time, there is no provincial body that approves CPD credits for CPAs in Canada. For more information, please see our CE Requirements page.

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?

Please use the Contact Us page to reach us. We do not have a phone number. 

If I have a great idea for a course or want to take on a project with you, who can I contact?

Please use the Contact Us page to reach us.