DI - CI - LTC: The Basics and Beyond

DI - CI - LTC: The Basics and Beyond

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The course DI - CI - LTC: The Basics and Beyond covers disability insurance, critical illness insurance, long-term care insurance and more.

We begin by considering the concept of insurance, the difference between individual and group insurance, and then cover the basics of each type of insurance. 

Following these topics, we undertake a client needs assessment and cover eligible medical expenses and the medical expense tax credit.

In order to receive CE credits, you will need to receive a mark of 12 out of 20 or higher on the quiz. This course qualifies for the following continuing education (CE) credits:

FP Canada: 5.0 hours (Financial Planning Category).

IIROC Cycle 8: PD Category, 3.5 hours.

IAFE: 8.0 hours accredited by The Institute.

ICM: 8.0 hours.

ICS: 8.0 hours.

AIC A&S: 5.0 hours.