Elmer's Retirement Plan

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Elmer's Retirement Plan follows a CFP Professional for 9 holes of golf as she explains the basics of retirement planning to her adult son. Throughout the course, we consult with Elmer for the topics which require more depth.

For those who know very little about golf, not to worry, we cover the basics as we move along. The content remains largely focused on retirement planning, but is simply presented in a more engaging manner.

The following topics are covered:

  • The Driving Range - Income Requirements
  • Hole 1 - Old Age Security
  • Hole 2 - Canada Pension Plan
  • Hole 3 - Real Estate Investments
  • Hole 4 - Pension Plans
  • Hole 5 - Part-Time Work
  • Hole 6 - Retirement Savings Plans
  • Hole 7 - Tax-Free Saving Accounts
  • Hole 8 - Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer
  • Hole 9 - Retirement Income

In order to receive CE credits, you will need to receive a mark of 9 out of 15 or higher on the final quiz. This course qualifies for the following continuing education (CE) credits:

Governing Body Credit Hours Category
AIC 7.0 Life only
FP Canada 7.0 Financial Planning
IAFE - The Institute 7.0 n/a
ICS 4.0 n/a
IDD (CIRO) 6.0 Professional Development
MFD (CIRO) 7.0 Professional Development

This course may also qualify for CPA credit hours. More information about continuing education requirements is available here.