Planning for Clients with a Disability

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The course Planning for Clients with a Disability covers the most important topics which are relevant to those are impacted by a disability. Presented in four sections, this course covers the benefits and tax incentives which are available, the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), how to undertake proactive planning, and we conclude with a section related to the soft side of running one's practice. 

To receive continuing education (CE) credits, you need to receive a mark of 9 out of 15 or higher on the final quiz. This course qualifies for the following CE credit hours:

Governing Body Credit Hours Category
AIC 5.0 A&S Insurance only
CSF 5.0 Insurance of Persons / Assurance de Personnes
FP Canada 5.0 Financial Planning
IAFE - The Institute 5.0 n/a
ICM 5.0 Life/A&S
ICoBC 5.0 Life/A&S
ICS 5.0 n/a
IDD (CIRO) 5.0 Professional Development
Institut de Pl. Fin. 5.0 SFPA / PDOM
MFD (CIRO) 5.0 Professional Development

This course may also qualify for CPA credit hours. More information about continuing education requirements is available here.