Government Benefit Plans

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The course Government Benefit Plans is one of the most thorough courses that covers Old-Age Security (OAS), the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), Employment Insurance (EI), and the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPP).

We cover the primary benefits as well as the secondary benefits. In addition, we cover the transition between the CPP and QPP for those who move to, or out of, the province of Quebec. 

To receive continuing education (CE) credits, you need to receive a mark of 12 out of 20 or higher on the final quiz. This course qualifies for the following CE credit hours:

Governing Body Credit Hours Category
AIC 6.0 Life Insurance only
AIC 1.0 A&S Insurance only
CSF 6.0 General / Générale
FP Canada 6.0 Financial Planning
IAFE - The Institute 6.0 n/a
ICM 6.0 Life/A&S
ICoBC 2.0 Life/A&S
ICS 6.0 n/a
IDD (CIRO) 6.0 Professional Development
Institut de Pl. Fin. 6.0 SFPA / PDOM
MFD (CIRO) 6.0 Professional Development

This course may also qualify for CPA credit hours. More information about continuing education requirements is available here.